Ruskin Crinkle Crankle Garden Club

A unique serpentine walled garden in Headington

Walled Garden News and Events

Picture of open garden gate

The Garden Official Opening

The walled garden was opened to visitors during the following event:

National Gardens Scheme: Old Headington Sunday 13 July 2014, 2.30–5.30pm

It was opened again for the National Gardens Scheme on the 17/05/2015, which was a great success.

Coming Events:

21/05/2017 National Garden Scheme

4/4/2017 Garden AGM

Congratulations to Laura and Tom on their wedding day and for brightening our day by appearing in the Garden with a fork.

Garden from the library

Walled garden from the Ruskin Library, 18 October 2012

Oxfordshire Walled Gardens Project

Vist of Oxford Walled Gardens Project to the Walled Garden

Above: Members of theOxfordshire Gardens Trust Walled Kitchen Garden Project surveyed the Ruskin garden on 9 August 2012. There was an Oxford Mail photo-shoot at the walled garden on 10 May 2012 to advertise the Oxfordshire Gardens Trust walled gardens project. See Oxford Mail, 11 May 2012: “Lottery grant funds search for historic kitchen gardens”.